Passionate About Your Well-being & The Planet

At 2BODIES SWIM, we are driven by two passions: helping you feel and look great, and making a positive impact on the health of our planet. Now, more than ever, sustainability is crucial, and our oceans, lakes, and rivers require our support. We encourage you to join us in taking accountability for the well-being of our oceans and Mother Earth.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

We take pride in designing and manufacturing high-quality sustainable swimwear using premium Italian fabrics made from recycled fibers, such as ghost fishing nets and plastic bottles recovered from our oceans. Our fabric protects not only your body but also the precious bodies of water around the world.

Ensuring Your Safety & Comfort

When you wear our swimsuits, you can trust that they offer more than just style. They provide UPF 50+ sun protection and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, ensuring that they are free from harsh and dangerous chemicals. Your well-being is our top priority.

A Commitment To Longevity & Environmental Responsibility

We strive to design and produce beautiful swimsuits that you can enjoy for as long as possible, while minimizing the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry. Our production runs are limited, focusing on comfort and quality. We also work exclusively with socially responsible manufacturers who prioritize the well-being of their workers.

Sustainable Packaging For A Greener Future

Our commitment to the environment doesn't stop at sustainable swimwear. Additionally it extends to our packaging. We use post-consumer, recycled, and biodegradable materials. Each suit is carefully packaged in certified compostable mailers made from a blend of PBAT (a biodegradable and compostable polymer) and PLA (a plant-based material created from corn and wheat straw). These mailers are designed to degrade organically, leaving no hazardous residue behind. They can decompose in your home compost within 180 days and in commercial composting settings within 90 days, certified as biodegradable.

Join us on our mission to protect both your well-being and the planet. Choose 2BODIES SWIM for sustainable swimwear that empowers you and contributes to a healthier world.